30 June 2023

802 Networks awarded at RUCKUS BIG DOGS EMEA 2023 Conference

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RUCKUS BIG DOGS EMEA 2023, organized by RUCKUS Networks, took place this year at the Hilton Hotel in Prague. During this event executives shared their strategic vision, new solutions, exciting programs, and tools, highlighting how attendees could leverage them to enhance profitability. There were breakout sessions where participants could delve deeper into technologies and sales messaging.

During the award ceremony, the air was filled with healthy nerves as these words echoed through the venue: ‘This distributor has shown sustained growth, in turnover, breadth of portfolio successfully promoted, and net new partner wins. They are absolutely seen as a very close extension of the RUCKUS sales team… I am delighted to announce the Distributor of the Year: North goes to 802 Networks.‘ <Chris Elliott>

YES! 802 Networks was honored with the prestigious “Distributor of the Year EMEA North Region” award. We are extremely proud of our entire team and our partnership with RUCKUS Networks.

Long time since Belgium has been in the awards. And we were not the only ones, the hard work of two of our partners was also highlighted.
Congratulations to our resellers VanRoey | EuroSys, who has been recognized with the “Best Partner EMEA North Region” award, and Lab9 Pro (Roberto Leon), winner of the “Best System Engineer” award.

We want to express our deepest appreciation to all our outstanding resellers. Your trust, loyalty, and collaboration have been integral to achieving this prestigious award.


We had the pleasure of sitting down for a brief interview with our CEO, Denis Leclef, who proudly accepted the prestigious award.

How does it feel for 802 Networks to receive this recognition?
‘Great! It’s always nice to receive an award, but this one is one we’ve worked hard for over many years, and it’s nice to get it.
Especially when you consider that the North Region at RUCKUS is after all a very strong region with some very strong fellow distributors in countries other than Belgium or the Netherlands.’

What do you think has contributed to 802 Networks’ success?
‘The non-nonsense open communication to both our resellers/integrators and RUCKUS has definitely contributed to that, in my opinion.’

What makes 802 Networks a distinctive distributor in the market?
‘Our technical knowledge and expertise is and will remain an asset.  Our partners don’t just come to us to request a quote and watch a box move from A to B.  They also come to us to spar about what is the best solution for their issue.  If I have to sum it up in 1 sentence, it is because of our comprehensive service package we offer around the standard distribution model of shifting boxes.’

What does this recognition mean for 802 Networks in the long term and how will it help 802 Networks continue to grow and develop?
‘This recognition is yet another confirmation for our partners that they have partnered with the right distributor.  What it means in the long term is not yet entirely clear to me. What I do know is that it provides motivation to want to win this award again next year and then you know you will have to try harder.’

Besides winning the award, what other highlight of the event impressed you?
‘At the end of day 2 there was a dinner where suddenly Bart Giordano came to me for a chat.  That does something to you, that the No1 of RUCKUS comes to you of his own accord to have a chat.’

Do you have a favorite moment or memorable anecdote from the event that you can share with us?
*laughing* ‘What happens at Big Dogs, stays at Big Dogs 😉.’