24 June 2020

802 networks and Apolloshield join forces to control the Benelux drone airspace

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We are pleased to announce that 802 networks and ApolloShield have joined forces to control the Benelux airspace. With this collaboration, 802 networks expands its product range with high-effective police grade anti drone solutions.

Why more and more organizations need anti-drone solutions

Drone attacks are no science fiction (anymore). Even in the Benelux.

There may be less direct war danger with potential drone attacks in our region, but terrorist threat is an integral part of today’s society. However, that is not the only application in which drones are used.

Drones are also applied for different criminal or malicious activities such as:

  • delivering packages in prison
  • detecting specific containers with contraband or drugs in harbours
  • checking the environment and the location of security agents during burglaries

Drone incidents have also occurred at various mass sport events in the past.
The worldwide growing number of drone incidents is causing an increasing demand for anti-drone solutions.

Anti-drone solutions are also used more and more to ensure that VIPs can maintain their privacy in and around their home. Finally, one of the well-known applications is the protection of the critical buildings such as nuclear power plants.


ApolloShield has been building anti-drone solutions for a long time. As an Israeli company, they understand the possible dangers of drones and the importance of controlling the airspace. That is why they have chosen for an all-inclusive approach in which they support drone detection, localization, and jamming.

The solutions range from small mobile devices to permanently installed systems that can control the airspace above a city, area, or important building. In addition, they can provide a vehicle with all the necessary sensors to detect the drone’s transmitter.

802 Networks

As a distributor in wireless networks and camera solutions, we are the perfect partner for anti-drone solutions. With many years of experience in controlling the airspace at RF level and assisting with thousands of installations, an anti-drone solution is the next logical step in our expanding portfolio.

Please look at the video clip attached to receive a short overview about the markets and applications.  https://youtu.be/AcVMwZwQDPM

Below you can find a map of the reported drone incidents in Europe:

What is your impression? Could we be the next target?  Do we not communicate about incidents? Or even worse, haven’t we got any clue about what’s happening in our airspace.

If you ask us it’s time to act now! 

Interested in becoming an official reseller?

We are currently looking for resellers to distribute the all-inclusive anti-drone solution of ApolloShield.
Within two weeks, we will start a direct marketing campaign to a large group of organizations in the key markets.

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