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802 Networks: unparalleled expertise in wireless

Whoever partners with 802 Networks invests in much more than a standard distributor who merely transports packages from point A to point B. We are a value-added distributor with over 15 years of experience in offering additional services such as installing and configuring access points, IP-camera networks and point-to-(multi)-point connections; formerly as Blue Vision Telecom, and now as 802 Networks.

Our years of experience guarantee an in-depth product knowledge, which our resellers can also rely on for their customers’ installations. Our technicians are perfectly trained and equipped to deal with any situation and deliver high quality configurations with outstanding performance each and every time.

802 Networks is mainly active in the Benelux countries, but also far beyond, even as far away as Burkina Faso! Our whole work approach is highly service-oriented and we attach the greatest possible importance to quality, safety and technical knowledge. We ensure our high quality by only using A-brands.

We strongly believe that our focus and service is better than ever before! Among other things, we achieve this by offering various maintenance options, including post-installation maintenance, which ensure reliable and high-quality operations.



Our engineers maintain a high level of professionalism in communication and quality of performed services.



We're always looking for the best products available and keep updating our portfolio.


15+ years of experience

We have completed more than 802 projects worldwide and installed more than 10,000 devices.



Our technicians are VCA certified and safety is of paramount importance.

802 Networks in a nutshell

Our team has successfully set up more than 802 networks in the course of over 15 years. The 802 in our name refers to the IEEE 802 technologies within which we offer our products and value added services.

How many networks have we already completed? More than 802 projects involving more than 10,000 devices! To date, we still monitor more than 5000 of these for our partners. As is obvious, we truly mean it when we say that you can fully rely on our post-installation support!

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Denis Leclef


Wim Simons

Pre-Sales FR

Roel Van Raemdonck

Pre-Sales NL

Geert Nauwelaerts

Business Development Manager

Yannick Fleerackers

Channel Account Manager NL

Vinciane Neven

Channel Account Manager FR

Majca Noordzij

Channel Account Manager Netherlands

Laura Govaert

Internal Sales & Marketing

Benjamin Laurier

Internal Sales

Paulina Felix

Internal Sales

Nancy Van Sande

Office Manager

Koen Daemen


Yannick Wyn

Outdoor Services Manager

Kevin Willems

Field Engineer

Nils Verheyden

Indoor Services Engineer

Philippe Schroll

Field Engineer

Jolan Wouters

Field Engineer

Maarten Staepels

Field Engineer

Pauwel Sabbe

Assistant Field Engineer

Tom Thielemans

Indoor Services Manager

Tom De Klerck

Site Survey Engineer

Nick Bertels

After Sales Manager

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