CommScope Ruckus Cloud

Are your customers having trouble managing an increasingly complex network environment with their existing IT resources or meeting increasingly demanding user expectations? No problem! We have the solution: CommScope RUCKUS Cloud.

Five reasons you should adopt cloud-managed networking

  1. Simplicity – Simplify lifecycle management of your infrastructure LAN and WLAN so you can keep everything patched and updated, all the time, across multiple locations without additional onsite IT specialists.
  2. Visibility – Gain insights into network performance, resource consumption and overall network health. You will get this valuable visibility for all users, devices, applications, and network infrastructure, across all your sites, virtually in real-time via a single pane of glass dashboard.
  3. Security – Ensure that your controller and connected devices are automatically updated to the latest feature sets and the most current security patches.
  4. Scalability – Scale up or down your network management solution to match your changing business needs, without compromising user experiences or worrying about incurring extra costs.
  5. Cost – Ensure an attractive total cost of ownership from the ground up. Optimal scalability helps you avoid excess CapEx, while greater simplicity and enhanced visibility reduce OpEx by streamlining IT training, management, and helpdesk operations.


Watch the Torfs case study here

Are you convinced, but do you still have some questions?

802 Networks would like to give you the opportunity to test it out. We will set up a demo environment with you so you can fully explore CommScope’s RUCKUS cloud and find the answers to all your questions. Do you have a customer yourself who could be interested? This demo can certainly help convince them.

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