7 May 2024

Earn a free overnight stay with your plus-one at Pairi Daiza!

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Step into a world full of adventure with Ruckus Wi-Fi and earn a FREE stay at Pairi Daiza for you and a guest! All you have to do is order a total of €60,000 worth of Ruckus products from our range during the months of May and June.

With Ruckus Wi-Fi, you always stay one step ahead of the fastest tiger and are ready for an adventure in Pairi Daiza. And that’s not all! If you order more than €10,000 worth of Ruckus products, we’ll come by with our food truck to treat you and your colleagues to delicious ice cream this summer!

Experience extraordinary and unforgettable adventures with 802 Networks. Place your order before the end of June by emailing orders@802.be and get ready for a wild adventure!

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