9 March 2022

Human beings exhale CO2 with every breath they take, why should we care?

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Most people don’t realise it, but a room with little ventilation holds a lot of CO2 and affects your health. The accumulation of CO2 reduces concentration and has a long-term impact. It is also possible that the high CO2 levels are contaminated with Covid-19.

Aranet4 warns you when the air becomes unhealthy, and ventilation is necessary. Aranet4 monitor is a wireless, portable device for measuring the air quality wherever you are.

What is ARANET4 used for?

The Aranet4 air quality monitor can help you keep the indoor air healthy. Good air quality helps people maintain their general well-being, comfort, and productivity. Additionally, CO2 monitoring helps to prevent COVID-19 spread, as CO2 level is a good proxy for COVID-19 infection risk. CO2 is a gas produced when we exhale, so its concentration can be a good indicator of insufficient ventilation, as well as aerosols and virus particles potentially lingering in the air. Whether it’s for your general well-being or protection against COVID-19, Aranet4 will warn you when you need to ventilate and help you stay healthy.

What does Aranet4 measure?

  • CO2 levels
  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity

The air quality of the various rooms in your building can be centralised and monitored via Aranet Cloud. This allows you to collect all the data and easily set up notifications when an alarmingly high level of CO2 is reached.


Managing your air quality remains an important issue. Are you looking for a solution and does this sound like something for you? We would be happy to come and see you for a demo. Contact our sales team at sales@802.be to make an appointment!