21 October 2019

Innovative wireless link put into operation

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The municipality of Stabroek turned to Cipal Schaubroeck for a revolutionary and ultra-fast wireless link with their Public Welfare Centre (PWC).

Since the Local Government Decree, local authorities must achieve maximum integration between their municipal administration and the PWC. With the installation of the SAF Integra-E, the Municipality of Stabroek joins the digital evolution and upgrades the data connection between the two authorities with the latest wireless technology.

Municipality and PWC connected by innovative technology

Following the Local Government Decree of December 2017, the integration of municipal authorities and PWCs has taken effect since 1 January 2019. Local authorities have already made many investments in order to achieve genuine cooperation with the PWC.

The municipality of Stabroek is now going a step further and giving that connection an enormous boost by installing a faster, safer and more reliable connection between the administrative centre, the municipal workshop and the PWC.

As a result of the Decree, the municipality and the PCSW are making more and more use of common IT systems and IT managers, which meant that a faster connection between the two sites was necessary.

Mayor Rik Frans and Alderman of IT Veerle Nonneman declared:

The PWCs and the municipalities should not miss out on the digital evolution. Reliable and fast connections between the different sites are crucial so as to offer our residents a better and faster service. Thanks to this new data connection, we have sufficient bandwidth for our current needs. In addition, we still have enough space left to meet the future need for ever-increasing bandwidths.

Belgium’s first 10Gbit radio connection

The municipality of Stabroek and PWC Stabroek jointly opted for the installation of the SAF Integra-E by Cipal Schaubroeck, and for a collaboration with distributor 802 Networks.

By choosing to upgrade their interconnection to the latest wireless technology, they also installed the first radio connection at this distance in Belgium, with a capacity of 10 Gbit.