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Complete (wireless) installations that work, with support!

802 Networks does not shy away from challenges. On the contrary, if you take a look at our portfolio of completed projects, you will immediately notice that we have accumulated a great deal of experience and tackled a large variety of obstacles over a period of more than 10 years. This is also our added value, because we are much more than a distributor.

802 Networks offers you the benefit of the service and expertise of a value-added distributor, combined with a complete installation and configuration of your (wireless) network, including post-installation support.

Our bundled knowledge = limitless wireless possibilities

The standard approach of 802 Networks? Give it your very best! You can expect the very best from us, both in terms of the installation and configuration of your wireless network, as well as for the follow-up and quality of our equipment. To say nothing of our technicians. Their combined experience and expertise will assure you of the benefits of an optimally functioning and performing network.

Our service? As robust as your network!

Every installation is finished to perfection. From point-to-point networking to networks with more than 3000 access points. Our technicians execute each project flawlessly and safely. Our work for various resellers ensures that we are confronted with a different environment each day.

In other words, all our technicians receive regular training in safety and new techniques. Combined with our own aerial platforms and well-equipped vans, you are assured of the best possible service.

Unlimited and reliable wireless

Our services go well beyond just providing good service. 802 Networks guarantees wireless installations with a robustness that can match any wired system. We stand for reliability, in every aspect. You are assured of high quality, excellent installations and an unprecedented configuration level.

Are you interested?

802 Networks offers added value, because you enjoy a great deal of experience and, above all, a complete service, including installation, configuration and monitoring of your (wireless) network.

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