Technical Field Engineer

Kontich 1 month

Your function

The phone rings at the office. A partner reports an incident in the city and asks whether we can quickly install temporary cameras. These must be connected to the network of the police.
No problem!

Establish a connection between a military base and a windmill 15 km away. This windmill is 100 m high and they are looking for experienced climbers.
Let’s go!

Saturday evening, the support system reports that the connection of a hospital has been lost. Phones and the internet no longer work on the second site. You are on duty, call another colleague and together you launch the attack to tackle this problem.
Beautiful, everything up and running!

Question from a partner: a festival site where they want to get 20,000 people on the internet. After a measurement and analysis of the terrain, you will leave with several colleagues to set up a stable wireless network here as well.
Wifi, music, beer: check!


What we expect from you

We are looking for a handy employee who sees no problems but solutions. Someone who goes that extra mile, is not afraid of heights and who is also interested in technology. Of course you can use a computer and you have a driver’s license. You may not speak 7 languages, but you can trek your plan in Dutch and French.

Normal working hours are from 9am to 5.30pm but may vary depending on the project and location.

Do you not have all the above qualities, but are you close by and would you like to learn more? PRIMA, be sure to drop by for a chat! After all, we dare to invest in training to make you the perfect 802 technician.


What you can expect from us

Have you ever seen an internal sales who brings a new channel or the manager who quickly books your hotel so that you do not have to sit in the car unnecessarily? At 802 it happens every day. Working TOGETHER on a project is central and we will do everything we can to achieve the goal. So you will not find box thinkers with us.

Naturally, this daily loyalty requires appropriate remuneration. Do you like to take a three-week holiday at a time? That is also possible. After all, you will come back with new experiences and charged batteries.

You can also see that the team is very important to us in our company trips: ballooning in Turkey, driving jeeps in Greece, sledding with dogs in Norway,…. They are all trips that we have been able to delete from our bucket list.

Employment: Full-time, Indefinite Duration