8 September 2020


Categories: Outdoor wireless,

Fast and reliable communication is an important factor for a city. This is also the case for the city of Oudenaarde. In 2011 we built an Alvarion network to connect some camera’s and city services. Over the years this network has grown with public Wi-Fi, more and better cameras and a new residential care center needing network connectivity. Because it no longer met today’s requirements, it was a logical move to upgrade the entire network consisting of 22 connections.

The city council recently chose the solution of our partner Cevi through a public tender. Together we have installed a new Radwin network which meets todays requirements and provides 10 times more throughput!

The Walburga tower, with its 88m, provides an excellent vantage point for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint antennas. By using the Walburga tower, links up to 3 km caused no problem. The installation of this network was accomplished with a minimum of downtime. A great job by our team! The city of Oudenaarde, as well as their inhabitants, can now benefit from this faster, more secure network.