Pre-Sales Support

Pre-sales support from a value-added distributor: the strongest foundation you can have

With their technical and hands-on expertise, our highly qualified pre-sales team of experts provides you with all the support you need to ensure that you complete your project fully in accordance with your wishes. This guarantees you excellent service even before your customer starts using our installations.

The result? Wireless backhaul connections, indoor wireless and IP camera networks fully customised configurations with outstanding performance and reliability.

Reliable and high-performance customised (wireless) network installations

Wireless backhaul or wireless connections can be supplied in point-to-point as well as point-to-multipoint versions. The name also covers the load, because a point-to-point connection is a 1-to-1 connection, while a point-to-multipoint connection connects 1 point to multiple points. Our knowledge, however, is not limited to wireless backhaul connections, and we would be happy to help you develop an indoor wireless network. No matter what wireless connections you need, you expect both performance as well as reliability !

A well wired network is the foundation of a high-performance wireless backhaul connection. We would be happy to help you select the right switches and routers to ensure that the performance of your wired backbone matches the high performance of your wireless backhaul connection.

The right solution for every network

In addition to extensive testing and large inventories, 802 Networks also guarantees a solution for every type of situation.

What makes this possible is of course our years of experience, but also opting to offer a carefully selected range of brands. A list of the same can be found on our product pages.

Tested and approved by 802 Networks

How can you make sure that your wireless backhaul and wired network will meet your expectations and needs? An installation with products that have been extensively tested.

802 Networks performs these tests itself, in order to be absolutely sure that your wireless connections and networks will provide an effective solution to your requirements.

Our IP camera installations: your advantage!

Your IP camera installation must be something that you can blindly trust. Finally, you should be able to rely on the images produced, if there is ever a need. And as images say more than words, our Kontich office offers customers a demo room, at which we demonstrate the functionalities of the Pelco VideoXpert system and of the various cameras (HD, 180°, etc.) for your benefit.

Although many customers have a camera network, they do not always have a wired uplink (examples are cities). The solution that 802 Networks offers? A wireless uplink, attached to the camera.

What are the advantages of this system?

  • Lower implementation costs
  • Faster installation
  • Fewer obstacles than when installing a fibre optic link

In short, you will enjoy a robust camera surveillance system along with a budget-friendly solution.

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