CommScope Ruckus

CommScope Ruckus

Commscope is a global player of essential infrastructure solutions for wireless, business and residential broadband networks. Ruckus, part of Commscope since 2019, is one of the top players in the field of WiFi and Switching infrastructure.

Thanks to its patented technologies, Ruckus’ Wi-Fi equipment provides excellent coverage, reliability and ease of use. Ruckus’ products are specifically designed to provide fast and reliable in- and outdoor Wi-Fi connectivity in the most demanding locations, for many simultaneous users.

One of Ruckus’ major strengths is its patented antenna technology called BeamFlex. This technology provides an intelligent WiFi signal that automatically adapts to the user to provide the best connection anytime, anywhere. This makes it possible to bypass sources of interference and provides a stable connection at all times. Even when the connected device moves through a location.

The Ruckus ICX family works together to simplify the installation and management of networks. Its low latency, non-blocking architecture provides excellent bandwidth for the most demanding applications.

ICX switches work seamlessly with the RUCKUS Access Points and can be placed under the same management platform. This gives Ruckus the most high-performance and cost-effective unified wired and wireless access solution on the market. Because the management platform is Multi-Tenant, it is also ideally suited to create an “as-a-service” environment for your customers.

Tested and approved by 802 Networks

The best way to ensure that your wireless connections meet your expectations and needs? An installation with products that have been extensively tested.

802 Networks carries out these tests itself, because we want to be absolutely sure that your wireless connections offer an effective solution to your question.

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802 Networks not only offers the best products on the market for every conceivable application, we also supply them from stock as standard.

That is your guarantee that you can count on a flawlessly working wireless solution, point-to-point or point-to-multipoint, in the very short term.