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Are you demanding? Rightly so, your wireless network is the backbone of your business. Investing in quality pays off! And that applies not only to the partner who takes care of your installation, but also to the hardware that will soon have to provide the right performance.

802 Networks consciously chooses the best products on the market, because only then can we guarantee you the most solid and efficient wireless installation.

Curious about the brands and products we distribute? Here is an overview!

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AccelTex Solutions is an established manufacturer of high-quality wireless LAN products and accessories. With over 20 years of experience in the wireless industry, AccelTex use their deep understanding of Wi-Fi networks to design products designed with the user and installer in mind.

AccelTex have developed long-term, strategic alliances with leading wireless technology vendors to provide a wide range of complimentary products including access point antennas, mounts, enclosures, skins and power solutions.

Camera surveillance

Avigilon Alta

Intelligent cloud video security and operational analytics.
Tap into the simplicity and flexibility of Avigilon Alta’s intelligent video surveillance solutions to safeguard your people, property, and data proactively. Extend the same real-time anomaly detection, proactive notifications, and smart search capabilities across your entire deployment with one interface for direct cloud-connected Avigilon Alta devices and existing on-premises cameras. Unify the tools and systems you used every day with a friction-free transition to the cloud video surveillance solution powered by Avigilon Alta to enjoy lower operational costs and increased flexibility.


Camera surveillance

Avigilon Unity

The Avigilon portfolio of fixed video, advanced analytics and smart access control systems are part of Motorola Solutions’ mission-critical ecosystem designed for public safety and enterprise security. Avigilon solutions help you find and share critical intelligence faster, so you can respond to events with the speed and decisiveness that keeps people, operations and assets safe. Motorola Solutions’ suite of technologies – land mobile radio mission-critical communications, video security & access control and command center software, bolstered by managed & support services – create the most integrated technology ecosystem to make communities safer and help businesses stay productive and secure.

Outdoor wireless

Cambium Networks

This American company is a global player in the wireless networking world. Cambium is committed to develop and deploy wireless solutions that deliver outstanding, un-rivaled user experiences. Our market-leading hardware, software and management interfaces continuously shatter the status quo, and redefine industry and customer expectations.

Cambium provides fiberspeed in multi-gigabit fixed wireless as well in 60 GHz as 28 GHz, with verry low latency and high capacity.

Their outstanding 5Ghz ePMP Multi User MIMO platform delivers high performance with interference tolerance at an affordable price.

Camera surveillance


This vandal-resistant, autonomous IP camera is quick and easy to install and easy to move almost anywhere. The PTZ camera with HDTV 1080P, 30x optical zoom, low light performance, built-in video analysis and built-in battery is designed for detailed surveillance over long distances. Watch the images live or in time.

Switching & wireless

CommScope Ruckus

Commscope is a global player of essential infrastructure solutions for wireless, business and residential broadband networks. Ruckus, part of Commscope since 2019, is one of the top players in the field of WiFi and Switching infrastructure.

Thanks to its patented technologies, Ruckus’ Wi-Fi equipment provides excellent coverage, reliability and ease of use. Ruckus’ products are specifically designed to provide fast and reliable in- and outdoor Wi-Fi connectivity in the most demanding locations, for many simultaneous users.

One of Ruckus’ major strengths is its patented antenna technology called BeamFlex. This technology provides an intelligent WiFi signal that automatically adapts to the user to provide the best connection anytime, anywhere. This makes it possible to bypass sources of interference and provides a stable connection at all times. Even when the connected device moves through a location.

The Ruckus ICX family works together to simplify the installation and management of networks. Its low latency, non-blocking architecture provides excellent bandwidth for the most demanding applications.

ICX switches work seamlessly with the RUCKUS Access Points and can be placed under the same management platform. This gives Ruckus the most high-performance and cost-effective unified wired and wireless access solution on the market. Because the management platform is Multi-Tenant, it is also ideally suited to create an “as-a-service” environment for your customers.

Outdoor wireless

Intracom Telecom

Intracom Telecom is a global provider of telecommunication systems and solutions that has been in the market for more than 40 years. The company has extensive know-how and a proven track record in the market and serves fixed and mobile telecom operators, governments and large public and private companies. Intracom Telecom maintains its own R&D and production facilities and has subsidiaries worldwide.

Intracom Telecom is best known for their 60/80 GHz solutions. In the license free 60 GHz frequency band they reach 1 Gbps full duplex up to 500m. They are also unique with their solutions in the 26 GHz frequency band.



Legrand is a global specialist in products and systems for electrical installations and information networks. The group offers a comprehensive range of solutions and services tailored to the residential, commercial, and industrial markets.

Thanks to their UPS system, no important data is lost in the event of a power failure. Legrand offers a UPS range, a complementary range of technological functions that can ensure maximum protection and uptime for all systems. They are currently the manufacturer with the highest growth rate in the market.

Camera surveillance

Milestone Systems

Milestone Systems is a leading provider of open platform video management software; technology that helps the world see how to ensure safety, protect assets and increase business efficiency. Milestone enables an open platform community that drives collaboration and innovation in the development and use of network video technology, with reliable and scalable solutions that are proven in more than 500,000 sites worldwide. Founded in 1998, Milestone is a stand-alone company in the Canon Group.



The NETCONNECT® cabling portfolio from CommScope offers a full range of copper and fiber optic solutions, all designed for superior connectivity and reliable performance that your IT infrastructure needs for both indoor and outdoor applications.
Are you looking for a reliable and cost-effective structured cabling solution, one single portfolio that can support a variety of business applications? Say Hello to NETCONNECT from CommScope.
CommScope’s 40 years of proven experience show the ability to anticipate any need, solve any challenge and seize any opportunity. With a history of results and a focus on tomorrow, CommScope is the best choice for a future-proof network infrastructure.

CommScope | NETCONNECT® Copper solutions
The NETCONNECT® portfolio includes copper cables, R45 patch cables, RJ45 jacks and related accessories to build a complete infrastructure from one manufacturer for both Cat.6A; Cat.6 in Cat.5E unshielded or shielded networks, all in accordance with all relevant International Standards.

CommScope Fiber optic solutions
With a full portfolio of multimode and singlemode fiber optic cables and connectivity, Commscope completes the NETCONNECT total solution for buildings and campus environment, including pre-terminated cabling solutions specifically for computer rooms and data centers.

Exceptional value, proven CommScope reliability
CommScope backs its NETCONNECT® solutions with a 25 year Product and Performance warranty. CommScope confirms that all NETCONNECT® solutions are free from material or manufacturing defects and that a properly designed, installed, tested and registered structured cabling system will support any application according to the applied International standards (ISO/IEC 11801, EN 50173 and TIA/EIA standards). This warranty applies to NETCONNECT® solutions installed and maintained by a certified installer and applies from the point where the cabling enters a building up to and including the patch cords at the workplace. The warranty covers material and labor costs which are required to repair or replace a defective product.

Camera surveillance


Pelco is committed to the development and manufacturing of open IP video security systems coupled with an unparalleled level of customer service and support. From an expanded selection of IP security cameras and video management systems to full HD displays, traditional surveillance technologies, accessories and more, Pelco is your trusted video security partner.

Phoenix AI

Phoenix AI : We bring (y)our AI where you don’t even expect it!
Turnkey solutions of edge on-device AI for automatic intelligent video analytics.
Human Safety/Vehicles Safety/Goods Safety/Boats & Vessels detection/Deep Learning for customer detections/ …

Outdoor wireless


Radwin is a world player in wireless solutions in the sub-6Ghz band. Founded in 1997 and now active in 170 countries, this manufacturer provides carrier-grade solutions.

Radwin’s license free sub-6GHz radio links provide fast and reliable wireless connections up to distances of 25km in the most demanding locations. By using GPS synchronization between transmitters you increase the performance and stability of the wireless connections. In addition, you have the advantages of high net speed and low latency.

Besides the point-to-point radio connections, Radwin also has point-to-multipoint connections. These license free sub-6GHz wireless connections offer the same advantages as the point-to-point connections up to distances of 10km. With the point-to-multipoint connections Radwin uses Beamforming, a technology that provides an intelligent signal that automatically adapts to the clients. This technology allows sources of interference to be bypassed and provides a stable connection at all times. There is also a timeslot system per client, so any problems with one client do not affect the entire network.

Outdoor wireless

SAF Tehnika

SAF Tehnika is a Latvian developer and manufacturer of wireless links since 1999. SAF Tehnika is a producer of (mainly) licensed point-to-point radio-relay links in frequency bands between 6GHz and 80 GHz. The backbone solutions, in a 100% interference free licensed frequency, allow to bridge distances up to 42km.

SAF Tehnika solutions guarantee high reliability (high mtbf) and 100% interference-free, low latency blasting. In addition, they continue to innovate and there are recent developments in the 80GHz band and the development of the Integra X. By using Xpic, the Integra X can reuse the same frequency and almost double its capacity. In addition, you can use full duplex speeds up to 2.2Gbps in frequencies below 42GHz and 10Gbps full duplex in the 80GHz band.

Anti-drone solutions


Senhive’s drone detection solutions can detect both cooperative and non-cooperative drones and aircraft in the airspace.  When used for drone detection, both the drone’s geolocation and remote-control location can be detected for the most popular brands. With the addition of radar technology, automatic tracking cameras, and sound analysis, this device becomes the most powerful drone detection device on the market. The indispensable solution for securing perimeters around business sites and buildings and keeping neighboring airspace under control.


Outdoor wireless


Siklu is market leader in wireless solutions in the millimeter wave, namely the E-Band (70/80 GHz) and V-Band (60 Ghz). Founded in 2008 and now active in 170 countries, this manufacturer delivers carrier-grade multi-gigabit solutions.

The Siklu carrier-grade solutions in the E-band are licensed connections in 70/80 GHz band that allow speeds up to 10 Gbps full duplex. The V-band carrier-grade solutions are license free connections in the 60 GHz band with speeds up to 8 Gbps full duplex. Both the E-band and the V-band solutions from Siklu are known for their low latency and high net speeds.

Switching & wireless


Smartoptics is a Scandinavian company founded in 2006. Smartoptics offers innovative optical network solutions for the open networks of tomorrow. Smartoptics’ products enable governments, data centers, industry, cloud providers, Internet exchanges and telecom operators to provide simple and cost-effective solutions to meet future network capacity needs.

1.WDM solutions (Multiplexers, OADMs, Transponders & Muxponders)
Wherever Dark Fiber is available, Smartoptics can offer solutions. Their solutions can be used with any number of channels or specific protocols regardless of bandwidth or type. Smartoptics is certified by all major switch vendors guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

2.Optical Tranceivers
Get the most out of your fiber-optic network. Smartoptics’ optical tranceivers can be purchased and (re)programmed for additional use. They save you time and money when your network requirements change. Their optical tranceivers are budget friendly and can be programmed to work with all known brands (Cisco, Aruba, Ruckus, Dell, Brocade, Extreme Networks, Fortinet …).

Switching & wireless


Wyebot is the leader in AI driven Wi-Fi network monitoring and automation. Their 24×7 software and hardware solution anticipates Wi-Fi problems and offers automated, pro-active solutions to empower the IoT and dramatically decreases downtime. Wyebot’s Wireless Intelligence Platform (WIP) can help save IT staff up to 90% in time spent resolving wifi issues, reduce remote site visits by up to 80%, and reduce problem tickets by more than 50%. They are NOT an AP vendor and they are vendor agnostic. Contact our sales for a Free Trial and see just how simple it is to gain total wireless visibility.

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