Wireless Site Surveys

The basis: a wireless survey that guarantees a high-performance network!

Wireless surveys are the foundation for high-performance wireless networks. 802 Networks studies each and every important parameter involved in such a site survey very closely. Our ultimate goal? A high performance wireless network indoors and outdoors! Perhaps one of your customers already has a network, but thinks it could be improved?

We will provide you with a crystal clear answer along with an offer, since 802 Networks conducts pre-installation site surveys as well as post-installation and even simulated wireless surveys.

After all, your wireless network should work for you, not against you. 802 Networks’ wireless surveys ensure that your customer’s network starts from the pole position.

Indoor and outdoor wireless site surveys

What are the questions to which a 802 Networks wireless site survey provides answers? In short? Our RF (radio frequency) survey or wireless survey enables you to plan and design a wireless network that will ensure that your customer has the coverage, data rates, network capacity, roaming capacity and user friendliness that he requires.

Our wireless site surveys therefore not only identify what your customer’s network needs are, but also identify the solutions that will meet them.

Pre-installation wireless site survey

During pre-installation site surveys, 802 Networks will conduct on-site tests using the access point brand that your customer is planning to install. We use the standard brands Aerohive, Aruba, Cisco, Meraki and Commscope Ruckus for this purpose. Does your customer have something else in mind? We would be happy to take that up as well!

The procedure for pre-installation wireless surveys is as follows: we place the access point and measure the extent to which the coverage meets the required usage requirements. A detailed report of the site survey is then sent to you, containing the access point position, wireless coverage, RF interference and instructions for installing the access points.

Post-installation wireless site survey

Does your customer already have an installation but requires a few adjustments? A post-installation site survey measures the existing wireless network infrastructure and tests it against your customer’s requirements.

A conclusive report will of course be provided to you containing the results, including the position of the access point, wireless coverage, RF interference and our recommendations.

Simulated wireless site survey

Does your customer like to plan well in advance and constantly wants to be updated on his current status? For example, when your building is still under construction, or even in the design phase? We can outline your customer’s wireless network on the basis of a simulated site survey, even in such cases.

How? 802 Networks creates a wireless design in Ekahau, based on the floor plans provided. As with the other surveys, a report containing the results, the position of the access point and the wireless coverage will be provided. Important! A predictive wireless survey should always be followed by a post-installation site survey after the implementation of your customer’s installation.

Wireless site surveys in ATEX zones

Need a wireless survey in an ATEX zone? Our wireless network engineers not only have a lot of experience with site surveys in offices, warehouses, production areas or clean rooms, but also in ATEX zones.

802 Networks uses its own certified tablet that complies with EX regulations. Safety first!

Outdoor site surveys

The ‘line-of-sight’ is one of the most important factors in outdoor site surveys (wireless backhaul connections). The experience of 802 Networks ensures that we are specialised in finding solutions for situations in which a multiplicity of obstacles makes connections difficult.

As with indoor wireless site surveys, an outdoor site survey enables us to plan and design a wireless network that provides the necessary connections, data rates, network capacity as well as quality. For large-scale projects in particular, advance outdoor site surveys are not a wasteful luxury! Such surveys provide you with accurate information in advance as to which connections can be made and at which locations.

Wireless site surveys are an important and even essential factor at the start of a project. After all, it is the only method that provides absolute certainty that it will be possible to make the necessary connections and that your customer’s network will provide the required performance.

The performance and reliability of your wireless connections depend on many factors.

802 Networks ensures that you have the most optimal configuration. Contact us for an appointment, or in case you have any questions concerning our approach to wireless surveys.

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